AB Driver Bridged EIP Fails After Timeout

I have several remote devices (Micrologix) connected over a cellular network. These devices will occasionally timeout, and until recently Ignition had handled this fine.

Since upgrading to Ignition 7.5 the AB driver has started timing out more often and throwing exceptions, which then knocks out comms to all the other AB devices. The devices still show up as “Connected” by the tags are stale.

Occasionally it will recover, but usually not.

The error is a “BasicExecutionEngine” error, with the message “One-shot task com.inductiveautomation.xopc.driver.api.AbstractNioDriver$DriverIOEventHandler$1@883744 threw uncaught exception” and “java.lang.IllegalArgumentException”

Any help would be appreciated…
logs.bin.gz (550 KB)

Can you post the rest of the stack traces or attach your entire logs.bin(.gz) file?

logs.bin.gz (600 KB)