AB Logix driver not working properly

Hello! I am new in ignition,
I tried to use AB Logix driver to connect AB CompactLogix PLC (V21+), from OPC UA\Device connection, add new device via AB Logix driver and connected to PLC, but from OPC Client\OPC Quick Client, there is not PLC appear and also cannot see the PLC tags, please advise what is the problem?
my ignition V8.0, trial license

Thanks a lot

Have you ruled out all the other connectivity issues? Can you see the PLC in RSLinx without issues?

Please share more information about your setup, including your device settings and any log entries that look relevant when trying to connect.

RSLinx can see PLC without issue

device setting all keep default setting, only Name and controller IP changed accordingly,
I noticed Ignition V8.0 Device setting has Connectivity Port : 44818 (default), don’t know what is meaning? whether OPC connection need to be set?

Show your settings. Show log entries that show up when you save the device settings page.

Why not contact support where someone can remote in to your box and help you? Connecting a PLC is very simple.

Highly recommend you watch the videos…