AB Logix Driver

Hey. We have just upgraded our ControlLogix controller to V24, so we got the Logix Driver module to access our PLC tags. That works just fine. For some reason, we can’t seem to get the license status out of Trial and fully activate it. We tried updating our licenses and reinstalling the module. Have we missed something? Thanks in advance.

Usually this means you have one or more modules installed that aren’t on your license. It’s probably easiest to pull up the license page and modules page side by side and find the one that isn’t on the license.

Ya, I can see that it isn’t in our list of licenses. How do I get the .ipl license file for that driver? When I click on “View License”, it talks about Netty and 3rd party licenses. If it’s the Apache 2.0 “boiler plate” license from this link, what should the license file be named for Ignition to associate it with the logix driver?


Thanks again.

Eh, the view license link is something else.

But if it’s not a part of your Ignition license you just need to talk to your sales rep to get it added.

Yep, they just forgot to include in our license package. Thanks Kevin