AB Micrologix 1500 -> Pyramid/HMS AB7603 > Ignition

Hi folks,

I’ve got an older DeviceNET system running 24/7 that I’m trying to simply monitor with Ignition. It has an older AB Micrologix 1500 that we’re able to connect to through RSNetworx for Ethernet/IP using a Pyramid Devicenet to Ethernet AB7603 Gateway.
Great. I thought I was in the clear.

However, I’m having trouble pulling data in Ignition. I can connect to the device with Modbus TCP, but can’t seem to actually read any information other than ‘0’ for an integer. I’ve tried all the usual holding register values. I looked up Modbus addressing in the AB7603 manuals. I either get a 0 for an integer value, or bad tag.

On the Logix side I can get the Micrologix 1200/1400 Driver to connect, but it always connects with PCCC - I’ve tried suggestions from other threads but no luck.
If I try to manually map addresses, no bueno. I think I’m doing this correctly (I’m trying both):
ns=1;s=[1980 Spray Robot #1 - Micrologix 1500]_Meta:B3/B3:0
ns=1;s=[1980 Spray Robot #1 - Micrologix 1500]B3/B3:0

When using the ‘Logix’ driver, I can get connected, but can’t browse again, and in trying to address directly, I get nothing.

I suspect I’m missing something on the AB7603. I added a Powerflex drive in the system to the Input map over RSNetworx but still not reading data - it looks like CIP messaging is the way to go to open up data from one Devicenet device to another… is that possible in Ignition?

Any help much appreciated!

Nice device. My Ethernet/IP module can be the scanner for that HMS module. It can also generate arbitrary CIP Message requests via scripting to retrieve some of the auxiliary/status information it exposes. Based on the description of the Ethernet/IP-DeviceNet bridge, scripted CIP messaging can probably interact with the MicroLogix via Devicenet, but I have no recent experience with that. I would not expect Ignition’s MicroLogix driver to work through such a connection, but I haven’t looked closely at that. Hmm, actually, probably will, with the right connection path.

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Was hoping I could do this without integrating something else but that might be an option for me there thanks!

My Ethernet/IP module is software–a third-party add-on to Ignition, not hardware.

The syntax would just be ns=1;s=[1980 Spray Robot #1 - Micrologix 1500]B3:0, have you tried that (using the MicroLogix driver)?

If you share the EDS file for that device, I can probably figure out the connection path you should try on the MicroLogix driver.

yeah have tried that addressing Kevin, thanks for confirming.

EDS File is here https://pyramiddl1.pyramidsolutions.com/unsecured/support-documents-drivers-downloads/AB7603EDSv204.zip

I didn’t realize you could derive connection path from that, very cool