AB SLC 504, 503, 502, 501 access

I understand Ignition can communicate via ethernet to the SLC 505 because it has built in ethernet. But what about the other SLC processors? They don’t have an ethernet port. Can we use the AB NET-ENI??

ab.com/programmablecontrol/p … x/eni.html

If you search in the user manual for “NET-ENI”, you’ll get the answer to this question, which is “yes”.

How would you connect the Ignition OPC-UA server to the SLC 502 and 501? Those aren’t listed in the manual.

The SLC 501 and 502 processors only support DH485. The only option to communicate to them is by using a converter such as


We have not tested DH485 converters but they should be no different than the NET-ENI or WebPort converters.

Another option maybe to buy used SLC 503 processors.