ABB AC 800 M DCS Communication through Modbus

Is it possible to connect to ABB AC 800 M DCS using Modbus in Ignition.
ABB AC 800 M DCS uses Modbus RTU Communication protocol.

Please help us if u have any documents. Do we need to use any converter.

If that device supports Modbus TCP you should be able to connect to it. Take a look at the documentation for the Modbus driver:

Give it a try to see if it works.

The Ignition Modbus driver natively supports Modbus/TCP. If the AC 800M supports Modbus protocol through the Ethernet port you will be able to communicate directly without any other devices. Otherwise, you should be able to add a ABB Modbus TCP module (CI867) to your AC 800M system.

Ignition Modbus driver does support Modbus/TCP gateways that bridge between Modbus/TCP (Ethernet) and Modbus/RTU (Serial). The Moxa MGate ModBus TCP to RTU gateway is one product but there are others manufacturers that offer comparable gateways.

Once you are communicating, you will need to determine the mapping between memory addresses within the AC 800M and Modbus addresses. This is information that included in the AC 800M or their Modbus TCP module manuals.