ABB ACS550 VFD to Ignition Directly?


Does any one know, How to connect ABB ACS550 VFD to Ignition directly or any other methods?

Please suggest.


According to its user manual, those drives’ embedded fieldbus is Modbus on RS485. With suitable hardware, Ignition can make a Modbus serial or a Modbus RTU over TCP connection. The former needs Ignition’s serial support module in addition to the Modbus driver.

The manual also shows that the drive supports other protocols via add-on fieldbus modules. The only one of those that can be used directly with Ignition is the Ethernet interface, and only via the premium version of my third-party Ethernet/IP Class1 Communications Module.

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According to this site, the RETA-01 or RETA-02 fieldbus adapters on the ACS550 support Modbus TCP directly. If you want to control them with an Allen-Bradley PLC or Phil’s module, you will need the RETA-01.

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Ah, missed that. That would be convenient.

Thanks you all for taking time and replying your suggestions, This information was very much helpful.