ABB Commander 1900

I have a customer who has a bunch of ABB Commander 1900 circular chart recorders that control their production line. They do not want to replace all this control with a PLC just yet, but want to do data collection. The controllers can be networked with a RS485 network, and I’ve found that there is a company that has developed an OPC server for this network (MicroMod). Here is their response to my question :

[quote=“MicroMod”]Hello Michael,

Our Extended MODBUS OPC Server supports Standard MODBUS communications to the ABB Commander Series instrumentation.
Note that the C1900 must have the MODBUS RS-485 Option installed (16th character = 8).

Details on the OPC Server are available on our web site at:

My question is, has anyone done this yet with Ignition? Is this going to be a big challenge to get Ignition to communicate with 10 chart recorders and log the data as well as provide HMI control of setpoints and such?

I’ve not used these particular chart recorders before, but if the devices support ‘standard Modbus communications’ on an RS-485 network, you will be able to talk to them using the built-in Ignition Modbus TCP server, connected via a simple Modbus serial to TCP gateway like the Moxa MGate MB3180.

Communicating with 10 devices and providing an HMI with setpoint control and logging would be no problem at all.