Ability to reference queries from different pages

I have several pages that run the same query and if I make a change I have to make sure I change the same query on all of the pages. Would it possible to come up with a way so that we could create queries in the windows page and then reference those queries from lower pages. I guess it would end up being a knid of docking station for frequently used queries that would allow us to changes at one location.

This is an excellent idea. There is a feature that is scheduled to come out 1st quarter 2007 (after redundancy) that will address this issue by having a global area for custom properties. So, just like you can add properties to the root containers of windows, you’ll be able to add properties to a global area of the project. You’ll then be able to use these global properties in bindings in your windows, effectively addressing the situation that you posed.

Now, to do something like this right now, you could place these queries in a database table. That is, have a database table called something like “NamedQueries”, with two columns: a name, and the query itself. You could then bring these queries into windows via a string property, and then use that string property as the SQL query in a query binding, thus allowing the query to be edited in one place (the database).

This isn’t ideal, but if this is a significant stumbling block for you, then it would be better than editing the same query over and over in a bunch of places. Let us know if you’d like some direct help setting something like this up.

Thanks for the suggestion, we appreciate the feedback!