Ability to Zoom within Ignition Designer


I am currently designing HMI windows on a laptop with a significantly smaller monitor than the one where my HMI will be eventually installed. The abillity to zoom within the designer (both in and out) would help me get an overview of the screen while at the same time allowing me to ensure that small details are correct.

Could this feature make its way into future releases?


Zooming will be part of our (much anticipated and long-awaited) 2d-drawing feature, which is slated for 7.3.

Thanks for the update.


what about zooming not just in the designer, but in the project? This would be very handy so we could zoom in on detailed drawings.

This is harder, but I imagine that we might be able to accommodate this at least partially once 2D drawing comes online.

until 7.3 gets out, I have been using the windows desktop zoom which works nicely for small edits. (start>programs>accessories>accessibility>magnifier

Hope this helps!

Just wondering if zooming via Pinch / Pull was accommodated in the project?

No, not in the designer.