About Custom CSS Styles

Dear All,
I have added some custom CSS styles into one of my perspective project one month before. It works good and its running. But yesterday I was noted my perspective session, that styles or not working. then I created a new component and new CSS style for testing the custom CSS style, that is also not working. I really don’t know what’s the issue.
Please somebody help me to come out from this problem.
Thanks in Advance.

More information is needed, such as was there any changes made to the gateway like a version upgrade? Also it might be helpful to show your error and css code. There are plenty of CSS experts here (not me) but without seeing some code or an error there isn’t much to go on.

Did you just create styles in the project or did you modify the themes on the gateway? The default themes get overwritten on upgrade.

No. I didn’t change anything. I just launched the perspective session. I have noticed that styles are not performing.

this is a style which is worked before in the same project.

but now its not working. Even I didn’t change anything.

where do you import this style?

Your Windows Explorer is highlighting light. (Presumably this is light.css but you have Hide Extensions turned on.) Your Notepad file is called Test. How is this supposed to be included in your project?

importing this style inside the light.css file.

show us this test.css inside the folder,
the light.css file
your default theme property and where you use one of those styles