About modules development

Good morning everybody.

First, introducing myself.

I am not a developer by profession, I have good knowledge of Python, GO, Javascript and bash/shell, due to my role as a Cybersecurity Analyst. But I'm excited about the opportunity to work with Ignition at this level, as I know it will give me great opportunities for growth in my career.

In my project, I received a task to help with the development of three modules and with that I have been studying module development for a few days. I've already read a good part of the Inductive Automation SDK documentation, as well as the Inductive Automation github and some topics here on the forum.

In particular, this one caught my attention:

In this post, the forum member talks about three steps for developing a module. From what I've read so far, Java and Kotlin are possibilities, at my Developer level, I believe that Kotlin would be more interesting as it has a simpler learning curve, so I'm thinking about using Kotlin.

If possible, could you give me some guidance on what is the best way to develop modules today?

Best regards.

I'll toot my own horn and recommend this post as a way to gather some context on what's going on:

As for Kotlin, I'm a big fan, but be aware you'll probably still want some familiarity with Java conventions and programming style just for the sake of integration with Ignition. That said, I've also written a couple of example modules with Kotlin, and mixes of Kotlin and Java:


All the content you recommended will help me in this new phase of my career.

Thank you very much and may God bless you.

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