About tags in ignition

Hello. I am using ignition as a training to my job. I am not able to find the ramp tags in ignition. I want to work on components that increment in their value. I have configured ‘Programmamble device simulator’ on my gateway yet I am not able to find ramp tags. Please help me as how can I get tage that increment with values. I have not configured any physical PLC to my laptop. I just want to simply practice all the tutorials on inductive university, hence I want to configure tags that will increment in their value. Please provide detailed solution.
P.s I had ramp tags before, they have disappeared suddenlyCapture 1

I would suggest using the generic simulator pre-loaded instruction file:

Yes thank you. i got the ramp tags in my tag browser. But they are not incrementing. How do I do them?

Hi guys. I have configured the dairy simulator tags in my tag browser but they are not incrementing. What should be done so that they increment? Any specific setting in the tag editor?

Is your trial expired? Reset it if so.

Or have you written to the simulator meta-tags to control the program? Eg, Pause, Repeat, Reset in your screenshot.

Hi guys. Do we have any default database stored in ignition? I want some already created database on which I want to practice. How do I go about it?

In the videos they are using an already loaded database. So where do I get it from?

I’m not sure if you can get the database that is used in the university videos but there is a database offered in one of the Exchange projects.

Here’s the demo project

The downloadable demo project which has a MySQL database included.
Have a look here: