Absolute Path on Tag Import... Bug or Feature?


Just wondering why an absolute path does not seem to work when importing tags.

When I do a tag export, the resulting XML file has an empty path (below) and will import to the root folder… which is expected.

But, if I edit the path to an absolute folder location, an import still dumps it all into the root folder… which is not expected.

Do I have to add anything else to the absolute path to allow it to import correctly? Or is this just not something this import utility is capable.

As you were…

Ignition: V7.9.9
Java: 1.8.0_181

I don’t think it will do it. The “root” of an import is the folder node selected at the time of import – absolute pathname support would break that expectation.

Well, bollocks! I think absolute and relative import/export should absolutely be supported. :persevere: