AbstractVisionPanel not storing custom properties

I have a component that extends AbstractVisionPanel. Recently (with Ignition 7.6.6) i noticed that this component does not store custom properties any more. Custom properties can be added and edited, but the next time the containing window is opened, they are gone.
I am not sure when this funtionality was lost, but am quite sure it worked in 7.5.

Has there been any changes to the API i am not aware of?

A bit more info:
After some debugging, it looks like the custom properties are not serialized when the window is saved. In a debugger i can see that AbstractVisionPanel#setDynamicProps is called and the field dynamicProps is assigned, but after reloading the window dynamicProps is null again.

Ok, here’s the solution:

To serialize the dynamic properties, the field has to be added to the BeanInfo. I guess this happened in CommonBeanInfo in previous API versions.

addProp("dynamicProps", "Dynamic Properties", "", HIDDEN_MASK);

Maybe this line should be added to the API’s component example (HelloWorldComponentBeanInfo), to help others to avoid this problem.