Acces to opc-ua server statistics and Subscriptions

I’m looking for a way with the SDK to request for the list of opc-ua serveur Subscriptions, with the list listof monitored item and other information about opc-ua client connection ?
Those information are available in the gateway OPC-UA server diagnostics web pages.



This kind of information is not generally exposed by modules or their APIs.

The way pages like this get populated is inverse of what you’re thinking - these pages are not asking the modules for information. Instead, the modules are adding these pages and populating them with the statistics you see.

Even if the information were available via API, your module would need to depend on the UA module to access it.

Ok I see.
These information are populated by ua server.
With the sdk, with a module, can we acces to these kind of data, are there exposed ?

What I try to do, is getting information about client connection to the opcua server of ignition.
If the session is alive, and if possible the count of subscribed item.
Any way to do that with the sdk?