Access bindded UDT's meta data (tag path) in embedded view

Like vision that we can access UDT custom properties Meta data like tag path in template how we can do the same thing in perspective embedded view?
I mean when I bind UDT to param of view how I can get the tag path of that UDT in view?
I don’t want to pass UDT tagpath as string into param of view. I want user drag and drop and bind UDT to my template in perspective.
The problem is if my template open popup view in it, i don’t know how to pass UDT to it.

Not an answer to your question, but…
Ever since I started using Ignition and became aware through experience of the limitations of using UDT-type parameters, I’ve stayed away from using them like the plague… Despite the benefit you get from being able to drag/drop UDT instances to create your graphics, I find their numerous limitations prohibitive :man_shrugging:
Are you sure you don’t want to pass a tagpath? :slight_smile:

Yes, Until now I use tagPath. But in vision binding UDT has tagpath as meta data in template so it solve all of our problem.
But really I can’t figure it out how dropConfig->udts_>action: bind, will work.
There is no example, even university has video for action:tagPath NOT bind.

Hi nader.chinichian, have you found a solution for action: bind ? I have the same issue with perspective…

No and I have to use tag path for accessing all meta data.
It is not an easy as binding but it works perfectly with any bug.

I found a way to use bindded UDT’s, for me it works well.

First I build a function to get value i want

def GetUdtValue(data, strKey):
for i in range(len(list(data))):
if list(data)[i] == strKey:
return data[list(data)[i]]
return GetUdtValue(data[list(data)[i]], strKey)

And on my control…