Access device settings table

I am trying to get to the device settings for each device in my ignition server. For example I have a Micrologix device “device-A” and I want to access Microxlogixsettingsrecord in the internal db. Is it possible?

From a custom module? Sure.
From some random scripting context? Generally speaking, no, and certainly not in any supported way.

I am sorry I didnt set the context.
I am writing a custom module that will run in the gateway scope.

How can i do that ?

So, you’ll want to ensure that you have the Logix driver as a requirement for your module so that you’re loaded into the appropriate classloader. From the GatewayContext you get in your gateway hook’s setup() method, you can getPersistenceInterface to get the PersistenceInterface - the entrypoint into our ORM. You’ll want to create a new SQuery<MicroLogixDriverSettings>(), and pass that to PersistenceInterface.query() - which will give you a list of all the MLX driver settings records in the internal DB. You can add restrictions to the SQuery to limit your results - such as .eq(MicroLogixDriverSettings.Hostname, "").

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MicroLogix driver is part of the AB Driver module, not the Logix Driver module, which has only the v21+ driver in it.

None of these are really part of the SDK though and aren’t considered public API.

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I’m assuming you mean adding a dependency something like:


Are there settings/orm functionality for the other device types you support? E.g. bacnet, dnp3, modbus, omron, siemens?

Each module contains its own settings records - I don’t think there are any exceptions to that rule. So whatever driver module contains the driver you want to view the records for, you will need that as a dependency of your module.