Access GPIO on Raspberry PI

Hi everyone,
I have a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B running an Ignition Edge Gateway.
Everything works smoothly.
Is there anyway of accessing the GPIO’s on the Raspberry Pi from within the Ignition Edge Designer?

Hmm. Sounds like a driver is needed. Doesn’t look too hard. I’ll add this to my to-do list.

My abandoned RPi OPC UA server project can access them:

Rumor has it the server might actually work again soon…

Another way of doing it if you cant access the GPIO is a python script to send the GPIO status to a DB and access that in ignition.

@pturmel - cool! Let me know when you have something.

@Kevin.Herron - I have tried yours already without success. I have the latest version of Java installed however it still crashes with an error something like this: “JVM failed to launch” and it also states that it expected another BCMxxxx than was found on the RPi. I thought it might be some hard problems due to compatibility now when the server is a bit outdated.

@craigb - yeah, that could definitely be the workaround this problem. I might just do that to get on with things.

Thanks for the inputs all of you. :+1:

You should give Node-Red a try, It can allow you to interact with the GPIO and provide access via OPC-UA, MQTT Sparkplug or Modbus. I have a few Pis with various IO boards on my bench,


@Kyle_Chase - Awesome, I will give it a try! Thanks!