Access individual bits in a word (drag array over)

We use bit packing extensively. Especially within one dimension arrays. Will you please incorporate the ability to drag over either a word or an array of words (DINT[2]) that can have the bits within the word(s) accessible? It would be in Logix 5k, and it’s OK if the Style for the tag in the Properties (in L5k) needs to be set as Binary, instead of the default Decimal.
Currently we have to make a folder for each tag within an array, then drag the individual bits into that particular folder. This is extremely cumbersome, and next to impossible if a modification to the array is made.

Why don’t you make a BooleanArray DataType (SQLTag DataType, in the designer) that provides the bits… should be pretty straightforward.



Obviously you’ll want to add the rests of the bits as members…

We tried your UDT suggestion, and it is a good work around for the time being. Thank you for the suggestion! Do you have any plans in the future of Ignition being able to accommodate bit packing without the programmer having to make a UDT?


You know… I think we talked about doing something to accommodate it when we were designing the new alarming system but nothing ever came of it. I’ll talk to some of the other developers and see if they have any ideas.

That would be fantastic if you could! An array of timers drags over just fine, including their associated words and bits. Could it be similar to that?