Access one column of dataset returned by Stored Procedure in Perspective

My database admin, supplies some data via stored procedure which returns one row with 6 columns. I would like to bind to that and use 1 of those columns as a data point in a chart. I have a Named Query that takes the stored procedure parameters (beginDate,endDate) and returns the dataset correctly. However, I do not know how to select just one column from the 6 that are returned in that single row. Is this possible? It will always return just one row with 6 columns.

We tried allowing it to return as JSON. This shows up the props data showing all 6 values, but still don’t know how to say, “Hey, just use this one as my value.”

Any help appreciated. TIA

You can make your named query a scalar query - that would require that the row to return is the first column in the result set. Otherwise, you can add an expression transform (put the return type back to dataset) and just use {value}[0, "columnName"] as the expression.

Thanks a million! Just could not figure it out.