Access OS username in perspective

Anyone know of any tricks to get a client’s OS username (like is accessible in Vision) with perspective??


You know that tools that break out of a browser sandbox to access the user’s environment are called malware, I hope?

In other words, if they aren’t using the mobile app, you have no hope of a long-term reliable method of doing so. You could create a browser extension/plug-in and use the SDK to create a component that leverages it, but as soon as security researchers notice what you’re doing, your plug-in will be blacklisted. And some authorities might take a dim view of such conduct, and do more than just blacklist you.

Until such time as IA produces a desktop app that works like the mobile apps, use Vision if you need legitimate access to the user’s computer.

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What’s the end goal? You could probably “fake” this by implementing SSO using some AD-based identity provider, and then just reading the authenticated user’s information.

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Thanks @PGriffith! Had a look into SSO with AD and definitely looks like something I’ll keep in mind going forward.

This particular use case is really more for an autofill and information purposes (no functional or UI security using this). We have IIS running so it is has been pretty straightforward to grab the username and have an instant redirect to perspective with that username as a parameter. Problem solved for now!

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