Access Perspective Page via Domain Name

Can anyone speak to how to access a perspective page from a domain name?


You have to point a domain name at your server’s IP address. If entirely private, that would be inside your network and controlled by your IT department. Otherwise you need a public domain name and then expose your server on a public IP address. That’s only safe if you are using encryption, so you’ll need a certificate, too. I recommend Let’s Encrypt for that.

From a networking angle, it is essentially the same operations you’d perform to put any web server on the internet.

So there’s no need for nginx or apache?

Optional. I’d probably use nginx if I were deploying with docker on the publicly reachable host.

Point the domain name to :8088/data/perspective/client/?

No, domain names cannot point to ports or paths, just addresses. If you need to trim the path, you would definitely need apache or nginx to be a reverse proxy. That’s tricky, because not all necessary URLs are under /data/perspective, IIRC. I strongly recommend using the normal ports, too.

It’s important that the firewall not expose the server to the internet until after it is commissioned and appropriate security established. Open port 80 only to allow Let’s Encrypt to execute its challenge(s).

Do you know of a guide or anything to get nginx to work with ignition? We have tried multiple different configuration files and can’t get it to work at all.

I’ve never used nginx, sorry. And I haven’t put Ignition on a public address. But search this forum.

However, I’d get an Ignition server working publicly without either of those first. Just to be sure everything works. Then add nginx or apache if you really need it.