Access regional variation of currently selected language?

Ignition 7.8.3
Windows Server 2012

I am testing localization using regional variations. I have different translation text for a Button component Text property. I have different translations for English (Canada) and English (United Kingdom). When I use the language selector on a running window to switch between the two different languages (regional variations) the button text switches appropriately between my two different text strings.

I was hoping to be able to get the currently selected regional variation from Ignition but I haven’t found a way to do this. Is there a way to get the regional variation value? I expect the value for English (Canada) would be something like “en-ca” and English (United Kingdom) would be “en-gb”.

I see that there is a Language tag under System/Client/User, but the value remains “en” regardless of the selected regional variation.

If I query the TRANSLATIONTERMS table in the Raw Setting Viewer I see one entry for my button text with the LOCALE as “en_GB” as I would expect. Strangely I don’t see an entry for “en_CA” with the translation value for that region even though selecting English (Canada) from a running window does work appropriately.

Anyway, since the actual selection from a running window does work, I won’t question the internals, but I would like to know if there is a way to get the currently selected regional variation from Ignition?

Thank you

Here’s a script I put on a button:

from java.util import Locale print Locale.getDefault().getCountry() print Locale.getDefault().getLanguage()

The output when I’m in en_CA is

CA en

You’ll find more methods you can call on Locale.getDefault() at the Java docs for Locale.

Thank you Kathy!