Access Session parameters

Is there any way where we can access session parameters in Session Event Scripts or in Gateway Event Scripts ?

... where we can access session parameters properties in Session Event scripts ...

page.session.custom.mySessionProp =

... or in Gateway Event Scripts?

No. The gateway events know nothing about what sessions are running - if any.

Session event scripts have access to session properties, except for session startup, which has partial access. (It runs very early in the "life" of a session.)

Gateway events can send messages to Perspective sessions, where a session message handler would have access to the session properties.

Can we do this with session startup event ?

I tried this but it's not working

That script is not what I suggested in post #2.

The way you suggested earlier is working but was wondering is this thing can be achieved with Session Startup script as well

Place an expression binding on that session property to now(0) instead of using a script. The zero in now() causes it to only execute once, which will be very soon after session startup.

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