Access template properties in a template repeater

Hi, I want to modify with a period script the value of a property in a template that I have defined.
How to do this?
I think that starting with a code as the following:

window = system.gui.getWindow("Win") components = window.getRootContainer().getComponents() for c in components: #determine if a component is a template repeater #loops for all the templates contained in the repeater #access to the properties of the specific template object and modify them
I should do something like the things in the comments.
Otherwise, I would access the Template Parameter dataset to modify the properties from there, but even in this case I don’t know how.

In general, there is a reference (like Javadoc, doxygen, or similar) to know which properties/methods I can use for a specific component?

I copy and paste the following as a custom method on all of my template repeaters:

def getChildren(self):
	c1 = self.getComponents()
	c2 = c1[1]
	jpanel = c2.getComponents()[0]
	view = jpanel.getComponents()[0]
	templates = view.getComponents()
	return templates
# end def

You can then access the templates inside by using:

templates = event.source.parent.getComponent('Template Repeater').getChildren()
for template in templates:
	propertyVal = template.getPropertyValue("PropertyA")
# end for

Where PropertyA is the property name on the template you’re trying to access.

If you’re trying to find all properties of a component, I usually use dir() inside of python and print the output to the console.

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