Access to BACnet Property

Hello together

I am having difficulty accessing individual BACnet properties in the Ignition Designer.
In the concrete case it is about accessing the property of a binary input. The binary input is found in the OPC Tag Browser, but not all properties are displayed.

I have now tried to access the desired property with a manually created OPC Tag and a customized Tag Path which unfortunately did not work.

My manually created OPC tag with customized path for “Elapsed_Active_Time”.

Has anyone had similar difficulties or have an idea how I could go further?

Well, I was able to access another property, Present Value, via a manually created OPC tag. What has confused me a bit now.

Thank you for your support!

Many (most? all?) of the optional properties on the Objects supported by the driver are not supported. Support for this property would need to be added to the driver before it would attempt to access it.

Thanks for the quick reply Kevin.
I almost thought so, only I hoped that this only affects the BACnet objects.

By chance, are there any plans to expand the driver in the near future or is there already no demand for it?

Greetings Sven

Extra properties can be added if there is demand, especially if they’re easier to support types like this one.

Eventually we are going to add some kind of broadcast discovery UI and, unrelated, explore making initialization of a device not require the who-Is / i-Am “handshake” and maybe not require the reading of segmentation / supported services. It’s a little tricky.