Access to Easy Chart Data

Hey all,

Is it possible to access the raw data from an easy chart? I know on a regular chart you have access to the dataset, is it possible to do the same thing with the easy chart?

I’d like to display, on the same window as an easy chart, what the min and max values for the pens are but I can’t seem to find a way to do that. Any suggestions?

You can’t access the raw data directly, but you can use the Calculated Pens’ Constant function to draw the lines. Just set up a script to get the same data (you have start and end time and the tag paths/db info) with the queryTagHistory() function with returnSize of 1 and the min/max aggregationMode. Then you have the min and max values, and you can modify the calculated pens dataset to draw those lines.

Ok, I got that to work but it was a pain. Could I put that in as a feature request to expose the raw data as a dataset property? It would have been 100 times easier to just sift through with the min and max expression functions on the data set rather than having to write a whole script to capture the same data that’s already there on the chart.

Yeah, sounds good to me. There is already the control and warning limit pens in the calculated pen set, I’ll put in a request to add min/max to those.