Access to file in folder of E drive on computer

I have a customer who is has a file within a folder located on the computer that is running ignition. They cannot put in on their C drive of that computer but they have it on an E drive which is located on that computer. I have been trying to access the folder but system.file.fileExists keeps returning a no file found state. Also I am looking for any csv file so I am using *.csv and I get the code to work fine when I have a similar setup on my computer but have it on the C drive. I know you have to change Windows services user logins if you are trying to access a shared folder from another computer but don’t think I have to do that here, or do I?
If the ‘E drive’ is located on that computer is that considered local and therefore that ignition gateway should be able to access it?

I import a file from a “s” drive. same idea. the code is below:

file = open("\\\\mainfolder\\datafolder\\HMI logins.csv")

Does the Ignition service have privileges on the E: drive? It wouldn’t by default.

How would I go about checking or changing this if I don’t have access?

Use windows explorer as an admin on the gateway to browse to the disks/folders you need accessible within the Ignition service, and ensure the service’s user is listed. If not a physical disk in the gateway machine, the then follow the instructions for mapping a drive for the service:

This latter isn’t an Ignition problem, per se, but rather a consequence of how Windows restricts network activity for background services.

(Ignition by default runs under the SYSTEM Windows user - you can see this in task manager under services or in the services manager - which doesn’t have a lot of privileges by default)