Access to Ignition Gateway web server goes to Apache page from localhost, goes to Ignition web server from remote host

Hey all,

When I try to access the Ignition Gateway web server from the computer that the Gateway is installed on (localhost), I get directed to the Apache2 default page. However, when I try to access that same Gateway web server from another computer, it takes me to the web server as expected.

Anyone know what would cause this behavior?

Running 8.1.9 on Ubuntu

What port are you trying to access locally and remotely?

Ignition doesn’t even use Apache HTTP server, so you must have that installed and running on your server.

Ports are the same both locally and remotely… 80 and 443.

So if I uninstall Apache on the server Ignition should still run?


When you installed Ignition did you configure it to use 80 and 443 instead of the default 8088 and 8043?

Yes, Ignition is configured to use 80 and 443.

That usually doesn’t work on Linux unless you’re running as root, though something must be working if you were able to access the gateway at all like you said.

You might have iptables or something set up to redirect from a remote interface. It’s really hard to say without seeing your actual environment.

Easy fix without root: