Access to Stored Procedures in Perspective

Am I correct in saying that Named Queries are the only SQL datasources available to Perspective, and that Named Queries can’t call Stored Procedures?

Is there any plan to allow access to Stored Procedures? My Vision app pretty much relies on the performance of native MySQL SP, I am very concerned about Named Queries being able to replicate that performance. Plus, I have some SPs that are calculation and update- not just query. How will I be able to trigger those?


You can call stored procedures in named queries. I haven’t tried MySQL sps, but I have used MSSQL stored procedures. Named Queries also have a query type selection of Query, Update, and Scalar.

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I never thought to just use the straight up mySQL syntax for calling SPs, I figured it would be a selection in addition to query, update, etc. Thanks!

Glad to hear this was resolved! It’s certainly easy to miss, but like Nick stated, Named Queries (as well as any area in Ignition that allows you to write a query) can call stored procedures.

Still working on updating all of the documentation, but hoping to expand/further update our Stored Procedures page in the near future.