Access UDT Meta Data from child tag in folder

I’ve got a UDT that has an expression tag that needs to access properties on the main UDT. If I put that tag as part of the main portion of the UDT I can access the Meta and Custom Properties. However, if I put a tag in a folder and try and access the same things I get null.

	Meta Properties
	Custom Properties
	Test Tag
		Expression: {[.].Documentation} <- This works
		Test Tag
			Expression: {[.]..Documentation} <- This doesn't work

Any ideas on what is going on?

Try {[.]../.Documentation} ?

Would this.Documentation work in this case?

Nope to either…

Contacted support… they confirmed that this isn’t working. Support suggested putting a tag somewhere to hold the Meta data that we need to access. I asked if this was a bug or if the behavior I’m seeing was as intended. So far no details on that.