Access UDT Parameters in Tag Provider folder structure

Hi All,
I have a UDT in a folder which is part of a tag folder structure.
For Example. the Tag Provider is "Factory Name",
Then I have sub folders Department/ProductionLine/Area.
The UDT is located in the "Area" folder.
I have a memory tag inside my UDT which I want to access the Tooltip associated with the UDT name.

If the UDT resides in the root Tag Provider folder "Factory Name" and I set the memory tag Value Source to Reference, Data Type String, then {InstanceName}.Tooltip it works fine.
As soon as I move the UDT into one of the sub folders it doesn't work anymore.

I found a work around by creating a parameter for the UDT called TagPath and copy paste the path into the parameter. Then {TagPath}.Tooltip works fine.

Is there a way of making this work without adding a parameter to the UDT ?


Should get you what you want.
All the builtin paramaters are here

The one thing I didn't try, pretty obvious really !!
Thanks !