Access violation showing on wrong page

Hello I have one user who upon entering the screen gets the access violation popup pictured below for 3 screens he is not on. He is the only user to report this issue.


I’m not sure why this just happens to him on an seemingly irrelevant different page.

Thank you in advance.

Something is trying to open a that this user doesn’t have access to. It’s impossible to say what without your actual project.

@PGriffith is there any troubleshooting method you would recommend to figure this out?

Starting with the easiest thing, you could try Ctrl + F and search for ‘Line 5 Screen’. See if you can find the script/binding/etc that is opening that window, then track back from that to figure out why it’s being invoked under this user.

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@PGriffith will do. the find and replace when seems to freeze on me when I look when try from different computer.

@PGriffith thanks for the help. Turns out multiple windows were checked to open on startup.