Access web dev scripts to bind components in a perspective view

Is it possible to access methods defined under web dev module and bind them to the components in perspective view.
I am trying to implement an MVC model

You mean like implementing a flask/django-esque sort of set up where you can make templates for views? I don’t think that’s possible in perspective. But if that is possible I’d really like to know how.

No, it’s not possible. Programmatic, dynamic view creation is an idea that’s floated around the office, but no specifics have ever been defined.

Gotta say though it would be amazing. I was playing around a bit to see if I could do something going from a “DESCRIBE table” in the database to convert to some basic form like what django-admin does for you, but I wasn’t able to get anywhere with it.

Thank you for the support, i understand that i cant implement a mvc model.
Can i call a method from web dev to a perspective view?