Access Window Custom Property From Project Script


I have a need to access a custom property located on a Window Root Container within my project. I need to access the property from a function in my Project Library. I am able to get a reference to the windows using system.gui.getWindow() but I am having issues with the rest of the path to my custom property. Is there someone who can point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!

If getWindow returns something not-null, then you should just need to address into the root container and then find the component by its path, e.g.:

Thanks for the reply. getWindow() does return something but I am still unable to access the Custom Property of the Root Container. I have placed an example of what I am doing below.

windowContainer = system.gui.getWindow("WINDOW_NAME").rootContainer
customPropertyVal = windowContainer.getComponent("customPropertyName")

windowContainer -> Root Container
customPropertyVal -> None

If you're trying to access a particular custom property on the root container, you don't need getComponent at all:

windowContainer = system.gui.getWindow("WINDOW_NAME").rootContainer
customPropertyVal = windowContainer.customPropertyName

You only need getComponent, getComponentForPath, etc, if you are trying to access a different component under the root.