Accessing a module's settings record from the Client

I have a settings record that is managed in my code in the gateway scope, and I need to access some of those settings from the client scope. I don’t see an obvious way to do it, I looked at the AbstractVisionComponent, GatewayConnection and GatewayInterface classes/interfaces and I don’t see anything.

Any ideas?

You’ll need to add your own RPC calls to interact with the gateway.

The scripting example demonstrates how to use the RPC system. The focus of the example is on scripting but the important parts are providing an RPC handler in your gateway hook and using ModuleRPCFactory in the client to create an instance that you can use to invoke whatever functions you’ve defined.

Great, thank you Kevin. I’ll give it a try.

Works perfectly, thanks Kevin.

Hello kevin, I am unable to access url linked to “scripting example” as it shows page not found. If possible can you please share it again. it will be very helpful. Thanks in advance .

thank you, this will surely help me.