Accessing a RS 232 Device from a Factory PMI Client

I want to access RS 232 Device from inside a Factory PMI client because the RS 232 device will be connected to the client.

I read this post on this issue:

However I want to know the possibility of accessing the device from inside the Factory PMI client. Is it possible to do this? Can anyone throw more light on this issue?

To just remind Colby’s post on that issue:
Your options are to put FactorySQL on that machine, use a serial-to-ethernet converter to access the device remotely, or try to do it in PMI, like your first idea. The main problems with PMI are 1) I’m not sure if it’s possible, mainly because I’ve never seen it done and 2) You’d want to make sure that project only got launched on that machine, and only once, otherwise there could be problems.

Does anyone else have answers to points 1 and 2 above?

Vipul Shah

I think that other thread nailed it pretty well…

Communicating with a device through the client is pretty much contrary to our whole data model. You really need something else (serial-to-ethernet converter!) to funnel the data back to the central server.