Accessing an 8043 secure gateway port within the perspective app

We are using the 8043 port for SSO in a perspective project that works perfectly on computers and windows tablets, but if we try to connect to the gateway in the app it says that 8088 is valid and 8043 is invalid. I cannot find any settings in the gateway to fix this. Can anyone help?

How are you specifying the gateway address? If using SSL, you must specify the correct protocol as well, so https://yourIP:8043, not http://yourip:8043.

We are using: https://yourIP:8043 and it gives a Host Invalid error. If I change the port to 8088 (regardless of using http or https) then it says the host is valid.

Check and see if that port is blocked by a firewall

If the port was blocked then I wouldn’t be able to connect via the browser would I?

If the port is blocked by the firewall, then you would not be able to access that port via any means including a browser.

That is what I was thinking, but I can access that port and connect to the project via the browser. I just cannot access it via the app.

I see. Sounds like something to do with the SSL certificate authentication. I can’t really help with much more than that. I don’t have Ignition 8 yet.

Hi, this thread is old by now but we have the same issue and I wonder if you found a solution. We have come one step further. We use an iPad and can connect to a project when using the browser on the iPad (Edge). The gateway is setup with SSL (port 443) and certificate should be ok since the connection works in browser. Our IT dep found out that port 80 need to be open in firewall to enable verification of the certificate and after doing so the perspective app stated that the gateway was valid which is one step forward. Now there is some kind of problem during verification of the cert which we have not yet solved. I cannot understand why it works perfect from the browser, even before opening of port 80.

Does anyone have any idea…?


My solution was to not use the app. Anything that can use the app also has a web browser so just use the URL. That was much easier in my opinion than trying to describe the app configuration anyway.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately we do need the app since we are using the camera for scanning.