Accessing Chart Properties

I discovered a post here,


that includes some functions for manipulating the y axis of a chart.

Is there a master list of all these functions?



No, not right now for that component. We are working on better documentation. Do you need something specific?

Haha something kinda hyper-specific.

I know that you can recover the upper and lower bounds of a Y axis, but it doesn’t seem to work if the axis is in “Auto Range” mode (this would solve all my problems).

This is long and complicated, and I’m not that smart, so bear with me.

Looking forward, ultimately what I need to do is to put indicators on certain data points on a categorical line graph. Unless there is a much better way to do this, the way I have been figuring I would do it would be to put a layered bar chart behind it. I would make the bottom layer the same height as the line graph point, and then color it invisible. Then I would put a top layer on that would exist right behind the line graph point.

The issue arises that if I put the bar chart on the same axis as the line graph, it will auto range the axis down to zero. If I put it on a different axis, it won’t have the same range as the line graph and I can’t tell the bars how high to be so that they line up right.

To further complicate things, I use a third dataset on the graph to display some upper and lower bounds of the line graph, which means I can’t just use the line graph dataset to grab the min and max values to set the axis that way.


I don’t think using a bar chart will work the way you want. What about using another category line renderer but only use shapes. When you use shapes it will put a triangle on that specific point and there won’t be any lines.

That would probably work.

Is there a way to make the shapes bigger?

No unfortunately.