Accessing ControlLogix Boolean Array in a UDT

The ControlLogix UDT, (recipe) contains a boolean array named InhibitFlags[32]. The ControlLoigix-UDT imports the array as tags in a folder in the Ignition-UDT as /Recipe/InhibitFlags/InhibitFlags_XX, with XX being the array index.

There are 20 check boxes on a screen, each addressed to /Recipe/InhibitFlags/InhibitFlags_1 through /Recipe/InhibitFlags/InhibitFlags_20, but no matter which one used in the PLC only Recipe.OffsetInhibitFlags[0] is set or cleared, and all check boxes are reading the same. The tags all appear to be addressed right in the PLC and I’ve even re-browsed to a few of them just to make sure.

Do I need to be doing something different to access an array in a UDT?

Using version 7.7.1.

I raised this awhile ago

I haven’t had a chance to test it, but going by pscott said it should have been fixed in V7.7.1??


I was at version 7.7.1 release 1. Upgrading to 7.7.1 final release (dated 9/22/14) solved the problem.