Accessing Custom Email Message within the active pipeline


I have an active alarm going into pipelines, i can access almost all properties, found the way to list properties : event.getProperties() in the pipeline scripting block

i can access and modify custom properties i add, (for example event['Group']).

I have a script creating tags and alarms automatically, with email custom message and custom subject. But this in some of the alarms i would like to add some details to the custom email message/subject depending of some pipeline trigger.. Any way i can access this alarm property within the script ? I think the solution is easy but i cannot find out..

Thanks in advance !

Try event['CustomEmailMessage']; if anything works, it'll be something with that key.

Hello @PGriffith

Silly me.. Tried a lost around this but the other way around, like event['EmailCustomMessage'].

Well yours works like a charm, thanks a lot for your help & time, have a great day !