Accessing Dataset Tag Value using Power table Cell Update binding

I am trying to do power table cell Update binding to values from a Dataset tag. I cant seem to figure out syntax to access the values

You can’t do actual expressions in a cell update binding, only direct references to tags or other component properties. You’ll need to make separate custom properties for the individual dataset values you want to extract, then reference those in the cell update binding.

Is this just from a single dataset tag or multiple ones? If a single one, you can take care of everything with the onCellEdited function. Actually, it can be done with multiples, but there’s more work involved.

NOTE: The bottom portion of the script is not necessary for performing changes, just to audit what change has been done.

	# Set dataset tag with new value
	import system
	system.tag.write('[default]path/to/dataset/tag', system.dataset.setValue(, rowIndex, colIndex, newValue))
	# Add to Audit Log. The audit log can tell that a change has happened to a dataset, 
	#   but not what specific change.
	event_timestamp =
	actor ='[System]Client/User/Username').value
	actor_host ='[System]Client/Network/Hostname').value
	action = 'schedule change'
	action_target = str(,0)) + ':' + str(colName)
	action_value = str(newValue)
	status_code = 0
	args = (event_timestamp, actor, actor_host, action, action_target, action_value, status_code)
	system.db.runPrepUpdate(query, args, 'Audit')

in ignition 7.9, I would just write {ticketDetails}[0,12] and it would work just fine. Cant seem to work in Version 8

i have managed to solve this using component scripting, extension functions; Configure Cell

I wanted to double check, but I don’t see any regression here - as expected, a {dataset}[row, col] reference doesn’t work in a cell update binding in 7.9 any more than it does in 8.0.

{dataset}[row, col] is how you reference a specific cell out of a dataset in a standard expression context (eg, expression tag, or a standard expression binding), but cell update bindings have not (and will not, for technical reasons) ever supported full expression evaluation.

first check with {dataset[row,col]} in 7.9