Accessing Diagnostic Logs in Perspective

I would like to display the diagnostic logs from the gateway into a perspective container. Is this possible? I was not able to find a function that does this in the manual nor did I find anything on the exchange.

No can do natively. You probably won't be able to nest it inside an iframe either. You'll likely have to read the wrapper log file and display that

I figured that was the only answer but doesn't hurt to ask, thanks.

From the gateway context (e.g. via system.util.getContext) you can get the logging manager and then query for log events; this will be the same view of log events provided by the logging web interface, and thus is missing anything logged to stdout or stderr of the Java process, which is captured in the wrapper log.

So, pros: more direct and structured access, cons: less events visible.


Hi Paul,

Would you please illustrate a bit more in detail how this function can be achieved?
Is it to prepare the script in gateway event to query the log details?