Accessing different tag property with Find/Replace

Ignition 8.1.2

I have a feeling this is not possible from what I’ve tried, but I figured its worth asking. I want to do a mass tag group change for all my Start/Stop motor/drive/etc… tags.

By using find/replace I am able to search “start” or “stop” and it brings up every tag I would like to change. However, the search results will only let me replace the tag name as that is what I searched for. Is it possible for me to edit the find/replace tool so that I can change the property of these particular tags? In this case, find all start tags, change the property I want to replace from “name” to “tagGroup”, and then replace/change the tag group?

If using the find/replace tool is not possible, is there a different way to do this? I am aware I could manually select and edit a bunch of tags from the tag tree, but that would take far too long as there are many folders.