Accessing documentation/ID in tag change script

Hi there, currently using ignition 8.0 and looking to create a catch-all gateway script for tag changes.
I am looking for a way to identify which tag was changed, I know that I can get the tag path/name, but this feels too loose to me, and would prefer to work with an ID of some sorts.
I’ve played around with a tag change script, and have not been able to find an ID value in a Tag object at all. I could work with having an ID of some sort of Id in the documentation field of a tag, and either making an ID when creating tags, or having a script auto generate a random ID there. But I have not been able to access the documentation in the script.
Maybe I’m missing something, as I’m new to ignition in general, but I hope somebody can help guide me in the right direction.

You can read the documentation field from a tag with:

And no, I don’t believe there is an ID field. If there was, then moving tags around would also allow any tags with history to follow with it. Unfortunately this isn’t the case… (of course, IA could edit the tag path of the moved tags in the history tables :slight_smile: hint hint keep tag history values linked when tags are moved | Voters | Inductive Automation )