Accessing DriverProperty values

I’m slowly building a driver. Thus far, I’ve got the following classes:
–FSDriverHook - extended from AbstractDriverModuleHook
–FSDriver - implements Driver
–FSDriverMeta - implements DriverMeta, DriverAuthorInfo
–FSDriverCategory - extends AbstractDriverCategory
–URLProperty - extends AbstractDriverProperty

I filled in the stub methods for the Meta class, Category, Property, and Hook. I put in the constructor, Initialize, and Shutdown for the driver. I got the thing to install, and watched the traces pop up in the log.

Where I’m stuck is, though I can see the place where a user can enter the URL property when creating a device, I can’t seem to get the value after it has been entered. I printed out the value during the initialize method, and it hasn’t changed from the value I instantiated it as. I added a getter and setter in the driver class, but that didn’t seem to make a difference.

I need the URL to write everything else. How do I get at it, please?

The initialization looks for a setter on your driver named set + whatever is returned by DriverProperty#getId().

So, if your URLProperty’s Id was “Url” you would need a setUrl(String) setter on your driver.

Ah, that did it. Thanks very much.