Accessing Gateway Address

This is probably an overly simple question, but where in the SDK can we access the equivalent of:



I had a look at GatewayContect.getSystemProperties().getHomepageUrl() but that is not it.




The reason I'm trying to get it is so that when we do SSL certificate creation systematically, we can do the equivalent of filling in this field:

So, this would be relevant from a Vision Client scope only. If that fits your need, there're some classes that manage the gateway connection that should have that.

{ Sorry. Vague recollections on a Friday... }

If you are working from the Gateway scope, then in general, there is no API that can give you the values for which DNS names / IP Addresses need to be populated on your Gateway Certificate or CSR's Subject Common Name / Subject Alternative Names. These values ultimately need to come from you. What are the DNS names / IP addresses that you will expect any valid client in your network to use to connect to your Gateway? That's highly dependent on your environment and might not be possible to query using standard Java APIs, depending on your network architecture.