Accessing Gateway Logs within Perspective

I have a logger I’ve been using that captures some specific errors whenever they occur in my app. I’d like to have those populate a table in Perspective. Is it possible to access gateway logs within perspective?

One flow to consider might be:

  1. Setup an additional DB appender in the ${IGNITION_INSTALL_LOCATION}/data/logback.xml configuration (DBAppender reference) and setup your specific logger to flow into this appender.
  2. Configure a database connection in Ignition (perhaps it might be a SQLite database that you load the logback tables into (per the documentation)) to access the logs.
  3. Setup queries to retrieve and tie into your table.

I’d stay away from this for now. There’s an upgrade to logback coming that removes DB appender stuff from all the log4j fallout.

Ahhh, I’m seeing that now… Good call, @Kevin.Herron

Might be a good idea to see how some of this shakes out…