Accessing Ignition Data from a 3rd party web app

I was wondering if I can access my ignition project from a web application. I think I will need to employ some kind of REST API to achieve this but I could not find any documentation on this.
Thanks for your assistance.


You can add your own API to Ignition using the WebDev module. Actually, you can add all kinds of custom content, but an API is among the simpler tasks. If you search this forum for “WebDev”, you should find enough to get you started.


Also Sepasoft has a module called “Web Services” that is getting used by folks for that very thing - gives you REST and SOAP endpoints and is of course scriptable and customizable.

Info here:

and in more detail from the KB here:

and from the online training manual here:

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As others have mentioned, you can do this with the Web Dev module. It sounds like you may already have your web application written, but we actually just published a blog post about how you can build a web front-end for Ignition.

Actually, I did not solve this issue but the WebDev post did give some direction. I am using Angular and get the feeling that I need to write a custom API for the app and Ignition to communicate with each other; which I have not been successful yet.